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                                      Myanmar has 55 IBAs (Important Bird Areas)                                         



Myanmar Bird &

Nature Society

A not for profit organisation dedicated to the research and protection of birds and nature in Myanmar


Please click TV for a short MITV youtube newsclip of one of our training programmes.



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MBNS carries out an interesting and varied range of activities, including:


  • conducting educational programmes on nature conservation in schools; since 2002 MBNS volunteers have visited nearly 1000 schools all over the country

  • participating since 2001 as the Myanmar co-ordinator of the Asian Waterbird Census of Wetlands 

  • holding bird watching activities on the last Sunday of the month at various sites in Myanmar as part of Society’s public education activities

  • conducting a range of bird watching training courses since 2004

  • organising tree planting programmes

  • compiling and distributing publications about Myanmar's birds and nature.

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